Quick bio


Jacques Defontaine

I've always been passionate about art in general but it really started back in 1996 when I work on my first game called "The Amerzone". After that, it's been quite busy and worked on different things... Quite a lot of commercials but also, video clips for music bands and a couple of short films. I guess it's the best way to become more of a generalist and not focus on a specific skill, such as grooming, character modelling, etc.

In 2004, I became freelance and I think “TKIO” was created around that period. I quickly got some contracts and was back working for a few game companies but also for some feature films… Nothing big as it was more French or Belgium movie productions.  I had to wait until 2007 where I was lucky enough to join forces on Avatar as a facial modeler. I think It’s been the best experience of my career so far. I then had to come back to my country for family reasons and have been working on other French/Belgium feature films since then. It’s only after all these years that I decided I’d try to share a bit of this knowledge acquired through the years!